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Born in mediterranean Barcelona, I have always experienced the restless curiosity for discovering new places and different surroundings; in other words, an instinct to wonder and feel. Soon I found in photography what would become the way to release that instinct.


After graduating in film studies I started my career in the field of documentary photography, working as a freelancer in north Africa and the Balkans for several NGOs. My journey then took me to the north of Europe before returning to Catalonia, where I combined my documentary experience with portrait photography.


With over a decade of travelling experiences behind, my path brought me to the colourful Riga where I established Uri Foto: a versatile & multicultural project focused on providing the best photography services for locals and travellers in Latvia.

Uri Bernad

Managing director & photographer.


From the greek phōtos [light] + graphé [writing], photography should:

· Seek the real to find the authenticity in any given situation.

· Focus on live emotions and feelings to avoid the artificial.

· In a world of hyper-saturated contrasts, stand for simple light and minimal tone.

· Testify the meaningful and the unique in order to beat the fake.

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