· Your wedding day is something not to be mistaken about… and neither its photography coverage.

· Uri Foto offers you a complete photography service for your wedding event, focused on capturing emotional, artistic and spontaneous pictures that serve as the best testimony of your special day; describing every situation in the most authentic way while capturing the emotions with unique frame-worthy compositions.


Pre-wedding photoshoot

· 60 min photoshoot at selected location. Main purpose - to rehearse the colaboration between the couple and the photographer (best angles, poses, ideas etc.) in order to take the most of the actual wedding day's photoshoot.

Wedding event photoshoot

· Coverage of your whole wedding event, including a private Bride&Groom photoshoot between the Ceremony and the Reception parts.

Bachelor/Bachelorette photoshoot

· Funny & joyfull pictures of the whole event; starting from the official part till late evening, with the possibility to capture the non-official part as well. Flexible duration.


Videography service can be added in any of the photoshoot events mentioned above.

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